Litríkur gróður í Miðborg

Hverfi: Miðborg

2022–2023, Opin svæði—Gróður
Áhugakönnun: 97% jákvæð af 100
  • 24. nóvember 2022

    Í vinnslu

  • 13. febrúar 2023

    Hugmynd var samþykkt í yfirferð þar sem hún uppfyllti reglur og skilyrði verkefnisins

  • 7. mars 2023

    Hugmynd komst á kjörseðil hverfisins og í kosningu

  • 6. september 2023

    Í kosningu

  • 29. september 2023

    Hugmynd hlaut kosningu og hefst nú hönnun á henni og undirbúningur framkvæmda

Litríkur gróður í Miðborg

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Verkefnið felur í sér að planta litríkum plöntum í Miðborginni.

Upprunalegur texti höfundar

The idea is to enjoy the sight of colorful flowers in bloom - in various places, not only in parks, but also along streets and road trucks, in tiny squares or city squares. Urban flower meadows improve the aesthetics of the city and provide the possibility of a closer contact with nature, but most of all they enrich the ecosystem and have a comprehensive beneficial ecological effect on the environment. A meadow in the city offers excellent living conditions for small animals, and savings for the city budget. Meadow plants do not need to be watered as often as a lawn, nor do they need fertilization or frequent mowing - this is done only twice or once a year.

The most common choice for meadows is native annual and perennial species (over 60 species in total), adapted to difficult urban conditions, dry or wet and degraded soils. Thanks to this mixture, annuals bloom quickly and intensively in the first year, and perennials begin to bloom in the following years. In the first year, as in the case of annual meadows, weeding may be necessary, but in the following years, maintenance is limited to mowing, which significantly reduces the costs of maintaining urban green areas or roads. Plants of flower meadows usually have longer and more extensive root systems than ordinary grasses, thanks to which they are more resistant to drought and accumulate rainwater resources in the soil, i.e. they provide protection against floods, flooding and flooding of roads. The variety of above-ground parts helps to clean the air from traffic dust. In a city park, lawns do not have to be evenly trimmed everywhere. The meadow is a great variety for landscape and nature. The city could also think about green bus stops