Collection of ideas

The Idea Collection for My Neighborhood 2022–2023 took place from September 22 to October 27. The vote then took place in the fall of 2023, from the 14th till the 28th of September. The next collection of ideas takes place in the fall of 2024. Here you will find all the information on how to submit an idea to My Neighborhood.

How do I submit an idea?

You submit an idea here on the My Neighoborhood website. on the Reykjavik City Consultation Portal. When an idea is submitted on the web, you have to choose a neighborhood and make sure that the name of the idea, location and description are clear. You can enter an idea in any district of the city, regardless of where you live. Residents can also get to know other people's ideas, debate them and give them feedback.

What conditions does the idea have to meet?

  • It must be a new implementation – maintenance and safety projects are directed elsewhere
  • It cannot cost more money than the district is allocated
  • It may not require significant operational expenses, such as for staffing or monitoring with security cameras
  • It must be feasible within the project time frame - meaning by the end of 2024
  • It must adhere to the planning and stated strategy of Reykjavik City
  • It must fall within Reykjavik City’s mandate
  • It must be in an open space and on City land
  • It must comply with laws and regulations

What happens to my idea after the collection of ideas?

The ideas are reviewed after the idea collection finishes. In that process, all submitted ideas reviewed and evaluated for compliance with project conditions and feasibility.

The ballot is lined up after the review and 25 ideas are selected for the voting in Reykjavik’s districts. The process ends with an online vote. The winning ideas are then designed, tendered, and implemented.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Is the idea in an open space and on City land?
    To check if the idea location is on city land, go to “Borgarvefsjá” (“City Viewer”), go to the top left menu, select “Hús og lóðir (“Houses and Lots”) and check “Lóðamörk” (“Lot Boundary”).
    Open City Viewer (IS)
  • Is my idea too expensive?
    The implementation may not cost more than your district is allocated. We know it can be difficult to understand the total cost of the idea, but it is still good to think about the cost. You can find information on how much older projects cost in the report on My Neighborhood 2020–2021.

What if I cannot use the consultation platform?

Those who are unable to submit ideas on the consultation platform, such as due to disability, are invited during the idea collection to send their ideas by email to or by mail to My Neighborhood, Reykjavik Office for Human Rights and Democracy, Reykjavik City Hall, Tjarnargata 11, 101 Reykjavik.